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Dental prosthetics becomes after their acclimatization. To renew the crown part of the tooth to the prosthetics the abutment is fixed and the crown to it (if the tooth is lost) or dental bridge (if 2 or more teeth are lost).  Dental prosthetic rehabilitation is a physiological and long term process of replacing one or more teeth. This method can help us to get rid of overlay denture.

Useful information:

If the primary stabilization of the dental prosthetics in the bone is enough, in this case we can fix the prosthetics in the same day. In other way, dental prosthetics is sutured under the gums and it takes much time to it reinforcement in the bone (2-8 months).

There are two types of the dental prosthetics crowns: Rifle and Cemented.

Rifle crown is fixed with the help of the screw which comes across via opening filled with the dycril material. The main advantage of this crown is ability to take it off and make the revision. Cemented crowns are fixed with the special cement. They are more natural but in the same time there is no way to take it off while examination.