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With full respect for the health and beauty of each of our patients, we provide a full range of services in the field of esthetic dentistry. An open, friendly and beautiful smile is an essential component of human self-esteem, his/her external attractiveness and the quality of life in general. That’s why  modern aesthetic dentistry is very popular among various age groups.

Here is a list of our services within esthetic dentistry:

-Professional hygiene of  oral cavity;                                                                          

-Teeth whitening;

-Classical restoration of teeth;

-Artistic  restoration of  teeth;

– Teeth alignment with  braces;

– Teeth reshaping with veneers, lumineers (ultra-thin ‘smile shapers’);

Only advanced treatment

Quality, effectiveness and achievement of the required result during treatment – 3 of our main goals. We achieve them with the help of effective treatment techniques and innovative  equipment in modern dentistry industry.

Warranty and safety

In the process of treatment we use only certified materials that meet world standards of quality. Each doctor of our clinic is a certified specialist with a long experience of work. When working with patients, only individual protective equipment is used. All these points allow us to provide quality service guarantee.

Openness and kindness

Dr.Pidkuimukha dental clinic- aesthetic dentistry in Lviv, where you will receive not only timely and qualitative dental care, but also a transparent payment scheme. We understand and appreciate the fact that people who would like to get an attractive smile appeal to us, so we try to provide the necessary assistance and convenient service  as fast as possible. We are against all the established cannons of “a Hollywood smile”, we work with every patient individually. Visit us and a saying “ Keep smiling 🙂 it suits you!” will follow you at each step, because we know how to make your smile unsurpassed!

Тeeth whitening

Тeeth whitening -is one of the safest and harmless method of returning brightness to your smile making it more attractive. To do this, a special chemical substance(hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) is applied to the teeth  in the form of gel, that removes accumulated  food colorants from the dental enamel.

Types and  features of  teeth whitening in our clinic:

We are ready to offer two types of teeth whitening to our patients  :

In-office teeth whitening (differs higher intensity)

At-home teeth whitening (less intensive version)

In-office teeth whitening is held in clinic by the doctor, the effect is faster, as a higher concentration of the active substance is used. Gels can be activated with laser (laser bleaching).

For at-home teeth whitening, an individual mouthguard is made, in which you put the whitening material with lower concentration every day. Therefore, the effect comes slowly, but it is less unpleasant .

Very important! You can use the teeth whitening service only if you have all your teeth healthy, have no cracks, inflammatory processes and “hidden” caries.

Our dentist will choose the most suitable and safe method of teeth whitening for you. If necessary, we will make tooth enamel strengthening using special medications.

Probably, you will be interested to know!

It is worth knowing that not all the  teeth are whiten the same way. For example, teeth with a yellowish tint become whiter easily, with brownish  – much harder, with grayish tint – don’t differ much in  colour.

If you decide to use laser teeth whitening, but you have teeth restorations that require replacement, you should change them after the whitening process only, just to choose the color of the material which will fit the current teeth colour.

At least two weeks should pass from the moment of whitening to make restoration. This time is required to remove the residual oxygen from the enamel, which will not allow to “stick” properly to the tooth, .

After teeth whitening, we recommend our patients “White Diet”! It means that during the first two days after the procedure, it is not necessary to eat food containing colorants(for example, coffee, red wine, fruit and vegetables of red color).