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Aesthetic dentistry

With respect for the health and beauty of each of our patients, we provide a full range of services in the field of aesthetic dentistry. An open, friendly and beautiful smile is the most important component of a person’s self-esteem, his or her external attractiveness and quality of life as a whole. It is an ornament of every person, which is why modern aesthetic dentistry is very popular among people of different age groups.

List of our services in the field of aesthetic dentistry:

Professional oral hygiene;

Teeth whitening;

Classical restoration;

Artistic restoration;

Alignment of teeth with braces;

Changing the shape of the teeth with veneers (thin ceramic plates);

Modern teeth decoration.


Only progressive treatments

Quality, effectiveness and achievement of the desired result during treatment are 3 of our main goals. We achieve them through effective treatment techniques and equipment of the innovative generation in the modern dental industry.

Guarantee and security

In the course of treatment we use only certified materials that meet the world quality standards. Each doctor in our clinic is a certified specialist with extensive work experience. Only individual protective equipment is used when dealing with patients. All this in combination allows us to provide quality services with guarantees.

Openness and kindness

The Dr.Pidkuimukha Dental Clinic is aesthetic dentistry in Lviv where you will receive not only timely and quality dental care, but also a transparent payment scheme. We understand and appreciate the appeal of people who want to create an attractive smile, so we try to provide the necessary assistance and comfortable conditions of service as quickly as possible.

We are against the established canons of the typical “Hollywood smile”, we work with each patient individually. Come to us – and the phrase “Be happy and smile more often!” will accompany you in any environment, because we know how to make a smile unmatched!


Veneers are highly aesthetic thin ceramic plates that can restore or change the outer surface of the teeth. They are used for the treatment of slight curvature of the teeth or their destruction as a result of caries, chips or abrasion.

Interesting information!

The first veneers appeared in USA in the 1930-s. They were invented by renowned dentist Charles Pincus specifically for Hollywood stars to win the hearts of viewers from television screens with white-smiles. The first plates were attached to the tooth enamel with adhesive sprays. Such plates were kept on the teeth for no more than two to three days.

Modern veneers, in turn, have little resemblance to their predecessors. The main difference is that they have become permanent, stronger, and with proper care can be used by patient for decades. But at the same time they also perfectly cope with the main task – allow you to create the necessary aesthetic effect in the shortest possible time!

In what cases will veneers help to improve the smile?

Wear or chipping of the front teeth;

Enamel color change;

Loss of hard tissues as a result of injury or caries;

Light curvature of teeth row;

The presence of dimples and spots on the surface of the enamel.


Why should you go to Dr.Pidkuimukha Dental Clinic?

You can evaluate your future outcome before treatment begins;

Tooth preparation should be performed using an operating microscope with maximum accuracy;

Individual selection of tooth shape, color and size;

We are for natural and healthy beauty, not for “movie decorations”.

What should I do first?

Before using the veneer service at our clinic, you will need:

Consultation of prosthodontist-gnathologist;

Professional hygiene;

Dental impressions (or digital scan with 3Shape Trios oral scanner);

Photo and video registration.

If you are looking for a way to improve the aesthetics of your smile but still do not know which method to prefer – come to Dr.Pidkuimukha Dental Clinic. We will be able to find the most reliable and appropriate way for you and take the first step to transformation!


Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the safest and most harmless way to restore the brightness of your teeth, make them lighter and create a more attractive smile. To do this, a special chemical (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) is applied to the teeth in the form of a gel that removes food colors from the enamel.

Types and features of teeth whitening in our clinic

We are ready to offer our patients one of two types of teeth whitening:

Office ( higher intensity);

Homemade (less intensive option).

Office whitening is carried out by a doctor in the clinic and the effect is faster as a higher concentration of the active substance is used. Gels can be activated by laser (laser whitening).

For home whitening, an individual tray is made, in which you daily apply a lower concentration of whitening  gel. Therefore, the effect comes more slowly.

Very important! You can use the teeth whitening service only if you have all your teeth healthy, free of major cracks, inflammatory processes and “hidden” caries.

Our dentist will find the most optimal and safe method of whitening for you. If necessary, we will make the strengthening of tooth enamel with special preparations.


You will probably be interested to know!

It is worth knowing that not all teeth are whitened equally. For example, teeth with a yellow tint are always bleached well, with brown tint – much worse, and with gray tint there is a  little change in color.

If you decide to undergo teeth whitening, but you have restorations that require replacement, you should change them after bleaching to match the color of the material to the current tooth color.

It must be at least two weeks after the whitening is complete to proceed with restoration. This time is required for the removal of residual oxygen from the enamel, that can prevent the restorative material to “stick” to the tooth, which threatens the chipping of restorations and the appearance of new caries.

After teeth whitening, we recommend the ‘White Diet’ to our patients. This means that food containing dyes (such as coffee, red wine, vegetables and red fruits) should not be consumed in the first 2 days after the procedure.

Professional oral hygieneвід 800uah
Clinical bleaching Philips Zoom 4 (USA)5200uah
Treatment with metal braces (one jaw)19200uah
Treatment with ceramic braces23400uah
Treatment with lingual bracesвід 3500uah
Artistic tooth restoration with photocomposite1400uah