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Do you know that even with systematic daily brushing a person manages to remove no more than 50% of harmful bacteria in the mouth? That is why professional dental cleaning is one of the major dental procedures for people seeking to keep their teeth healthy. Indeed, it is only through professional hygiene that microscopic caries can be detected at an early stage and neutralized in a timely manner by clearing the tooth enamel from plaque and tartar in hard-to-reach areas (at the edge of gums or interdental spaces).

What causes oral diseases?

To know for sure the cause of oral diseases, let’s start by explaining the concept of “biofilm”.

Biofilm – a complex (often multifaceted) layer of microorganisms, characterized by the secretion of the extracellular matrix (holds the microorganisms together, performs protective functions and helps attach to the surfaces of the teeth) that is formed on the surface of e.g. teeth.  The microorganisms inside the biofilm actively interact with each other and build up their protective barrier. This barrier is impermeable to saliva enzymes, antibacterial paste components and oral gels, but most regrettably, this barrier is able to withstand antibiotics.

Subsequently, plaque on the tooth enamel is mineralized by saliva salts and become a tartar, leading to further gum inflammation. That is why it is recommended to visit a dental hygienist twice a year.

Why do you need to attend an appointment with our specialist?

-We use innovative equipment from the leading German company KaVo, which allows to remove biofilm with  ultrasound at very low frequencies;

-To remove plaque, we have two systems of air-abrasive devices and 9 types of powders produced by world leaders of the dental industry – there is always something for you to choose;

-When removing dental plaque by ultrasound, we use special mini-tips and polishing cups of different rigidity, which in combination with low-abrasive pastes provide the perfect finish;

-Each patient is examined to carry out an express analysis for the presence of periodontal  diseases,

But most importantly – for each patient we have an individual approach and the necessary amount of attention of competent specialists. We really care about your dental health. If necessary, we will select for you an individual program of daily care of the teeth and oral cavity.

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